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In great shape!

Sport in general and tennis in particular, help to maintain a good shape at any age. Tennis combines the opportunity to get quite a large group of exercises with the need to focus on the accuracy of movements as much as in billiards. Concentration on the game is one of the best ways to de-stress after work. Comfortable rooms, recreation rooms make tennis club a place where taking care of their health are combined with relaxation and enjoyment of the game.

Start playing tennis with a coach!

For all who want to learn to play or improve their skills in modern tennis clay courts, we make a list for groups. And also, we can help you to choose a coach for individual training (single or in pairs) There are groups to train the children, from the smallest to the largest. Evolve together!


For those who prefer to play tennis without a coach, but do not have a partner, we will help you choose the right partner.


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tennis clubs and sections. We offer a comfortable environment for coaching on our tennis court.