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Of course, to achieve maximum results in a short time, you need a coach. Which will deliver equipment to be on time to correct mistakes and you would not lose interest and passion, in the case of minor setbacks.

Warming up before the game is the obligatory, again to avoid injury, do not forget that when you play almost all the muscles of the body, a lot of joints and tendons have to work. Injury is not very pleasant. Dedicate 10-15 minutes for heating the body. Start from the neck, turning the head from side to side. Then the upper limb girdle, shoulders, elbows, hands, fingers. Then you can begin to squat, 10-15 times. And at the end of the circular motion of the foot. Hitting ball, the maximum number of times. Warmed up, you tune in to the game and to prepare your body.

Regular tennis lessons develop agility, reaction, endurance, coordination and strength. It is available to people of all ages. Currently, it is one of the most popular games in the world and as a means of entertainment, and as part of the so-called big-time sports. In some countries, tennis is included in the program of school physical training.

Tennis matches consist of parties (sets), and parties - from the game. The match may consist of three or five sets. In the match, winning the one who wins the two parties (of the three) or three (of five). If this happens before will be played all the games (sets), the game ends, the remaining parties do not come to grief. Seth played to win the sixth game, when the score was 6:5 set does not end, played one more game. With the score 7-5 wins in the long run tennis player who won the seven game, when the score was 6:6 played a special party to determine a winner in a set called Tie Break, in which tennis players take turns serving two feed (after the first filing the right to arrive at another tennis player).In "Tie Break" wins, who after winning the first seven innings achieve break two goals. To game delivers the same tennis player (each additional game goes right to submit to the other player). For each winning ball player gets points. Traditionally, the first and second winning submission player gets fifteen points for the third - ten. (this applies to both the supply and the receiver). After a further 40 points Points are added, and the winner is determined. With the score 40:40 game is played to break a two-won filing.In another account after winning submission player to win 40 points a game ends and that player is victorious in a game. Supply is fed from the back line, with the ball should fly over the net without touching it, and get into a little square on the off side of the host, who is on a diagonal from the feed. When you touch the net, if the ball goes in the appropriate box, the supply is fed again. If the ball into the net, or do not meet the right box, the pitcher is given another attempt. In the second unsuccessful attempt feed supply is lost. After the first bounce the ball must be tapped on the receiving side of the pickup. After that, you can beat the ball after the first bounce, or without it - "the summer." The ball must fall to half opponent (single player does not use the narrow lateral zones - "corridors", they become part of the playing field for doubles). The drawing is stopped when one of the players could not hit the ball, or if the ball does not hit the opponent's half (into the net or out of bounds).

Tennis competitions are single (in male and female discharges) and steam (in the men's, women's and mixed doubles), personal, team and personally-command.


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