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Tennis - a popular sport that unites people of different generations, professions, with a different range of interests. It allows you to find like-minded people, not only for games but also for further entertainment. Tennis develops all muscle groups, reaction and coordination, strengthens the heart. In order to learn how to play tennis, do not necessarily to have a rare talent, supernatural abilities, a wonderful gift. With the right approach, all of us could learn the game and get from it is not only physical satisfaction, but also peace of mind and pleasure, because tennis - is not only a sport, but also an exciting game, the excitement and fun.

Tennis is a sport usually played between two players (singles) or between two teams of two players each (doubles).Each player uses a racket that is strung to strike a hollow rubber ball covered with felt over a net into the opponent's court. The object of the game is to play the ball in such a way that the opponent is not able to play a good return.

The main components of the technique tennis - running, grip the racquet and hit the ball. It is also crucial tracking the ball and the opponent and choose the correct position on the court. The cornerstone - tennis step, ie way to move the tennis player on the court. The way as an athlete holding the racket defines the various tennis techniques. There are three method: the eastern, western and continental. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages, and the main difference between his grip is in position relative to the racquet.In modern tennis is the most common eastern grip. Beginners usually start learning the basics of art with her. But with any type of grip it has to be confident and strong. Hit the ball vary depending on the technique of their execution, the trajectory before and after contact with the racket and other things. In the arsenal of modern tennis players a lot of different attacks: smash (a powerful blow on the head by a ball lowers), short stroke (after which the ball landed just behind the net on the "foreign" part of the court), topspin (kick spun high trajectory ball flight), stroke in protivohod (ie the place that rival just left), etc.Quality tennis game depends not only on physical strength. Often experts use such a thing as a sense of tennis ball, that is, skills with the ball: congenital and acquired through training and match practice. In addition, the variety of movements committed tennis player (running, bending, jumping, kicking, and so on) requires a multifaceted fitness.


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