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Ball cap, shorts, T-shirt, do not inhibit the movements, of natural materials to prevent heat stroke suitable for tennis.

The most important - is to choose shoes, running shoes for tennis should be strong, with lateral support for the foot, high backdrop, air shock absorbers in the front and back of the foot and grooved "herringbone". Properly fitted shoes for tennis protect the foot and ankle injuries, while jumping to the side, footbed made ??of different materials can vary in thickness from heel to toe, it softens the shock wave jump, reducing the load on feet, knees, spine and thanks to the "Tree" will not slip even on a wet court. So they must be specialized.

Racket to play tennis, should be for amateur, weighing 200-300 grams, to prevent wrist injury, elbow at the initial stage. The most simple way to determine is it your racquet or not - is to put the racket in the palm. Then grabbed her and put the index finger of other hand into the gap between the fingers and the palm of a hand holding the racket. If the width of the gap is approximately equal to the width of your index finger, then this racquet is for you. In general, the basic rule for choosing the handle reads: choose as large handle with which you are comfortable playing. Balls desirable that were soft, which are smaller spring, slower and allow better track game.

For tennis players of all ages and fitness levels clay courts belong to the so-called category of soft, comfortable pads. At this court you will be protected from injury, and the additional stress on feet and spine.

Tennis clay courts are suitable for competitions, both local and international scale. Primer requires good care. But with regular cleaning, you can play on the court and in hot weather and during periods of high humidity. Distinguishing characteristic clay courts - the ability to self-align. The process takes place during the game. Even the heavy rain does not fundamentally affect the state of the soil cover. Court will be prepared to take the players exactly one hour after the bad weather.


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